Jeff’s speaking experience ranges from industry-leading conferences such as the Blogworld & New Media Expo, to Podcamps in Toronto and Halifax, to smaller events like the Third Tuesday Toronto social media meetup.

In addition to direct speaking events, Jeff presents twice-monthly on technology to an audience of 50,000-100,000 viewers on the commandN.tv video podcast; has led interviews with business and government leaders, NGOs, and others in his quarterly video documentary Rebuild Ampara (filmed in Sri Lanka) and other productions; has moderated focus groups and other collaborative discussions; and has acted as bandleader, vocalist, and bassist at music events including the Vancouver and Atlantic International Jazz Festivals.

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Past Speaking Engagements

Some of Jeff’s past speaking engagments include…


Blogworld & New Media Expo (Las Vegas, NV)
Jeff MacArthur was a speaker at the 2009 Blogworld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. His talk covered choosing the best web video hosting sites and the communities and tools around those platforms. Following his presentation, Jeff took questions in the speakers area on the main conference floor from attendees interested in further discussion. With his in-depth knowledge and professional perspective, I can easily and highly recommend Jeff MacArthur for your event. He was a pleasure to work with.
– Rob Walch, Podcasting Track Leader, Blogworld 2009

MESH Conference (Toronto, ON)
Jeff spoke at our MESH 2008 event on video production and social media. His presentation was professional, informative, and engaging, and his session was very well attended (indeed, the room was over capacity and the reception was terrific – lots of great Q&A). I would certainly recommend Jeff as a speaker/presenter.
– Mathew Ingram,Co-Founder of MESH & Communities Editor of GlobeaAdMail.com

World Usability Day 2009 (Halifax, NS)
Jeff’s talk on designing usability was very well received by those attending the event. Jeff has a very relaxed and clear presentation style. He has a wealth of knowledge to share regarding the importance of usability and sustainability when it comes to website and software design.
– Jonathan Tyson, Association of Canadian Ergonomists

Third Tuesday New Brunswick (Moncton, NB)
I’ve seen Jeff speak several times, the first of which I believe was at Toronto’s mesh Conference in 2008. His presentation was so impressive that I invited him to speak in Moncton New, Brunswick at an event I was producing there as part of a Third Tuesday series. He is incredibly well versed in the ever changing world of media, UX design, web advertising and engaging audiences with video.
I consider Jeff MacArthur to be one of Canada’s foremost experts on cultivating engaged communities online. I have recommend Jeff regularly to other organizations and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking an engaging and entertaining speaker in the future.
– Andrew MacKinnon, Web Team Manager, PropertyGuys.com

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